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Fan Fiction Walking Dead Game

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So waiting for the game to come out, I've decided to make my own version of the walking dead. This is much like the books I used to read as a child, the "Build your own story" books. I wrote this using google docs, I was going to post this on the forums, but would just be too messy. All you will need for this is a six sided die to actually play the game. The dice is optional for all parts except for combat, but if you want a different story every time, use the dice. Chapter 2 is out now! I hope you all enjoy! My editor is currently asleep, but as soon as she wakes up we're going to fix minor grammar errors that may exist in Chapter 2. Please comment and let me know what you all think!

As always if you have any ideas for later chapters feel free to post your ideas!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

If you do not have a die handy here is a link that will roll a virtual die for you!
Dice Roller

I have put in a couple Easter eggs in this story as well. The first people to find them I will add them into coming chapters! ;) Happy hunting
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