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My personal S2 render analysis

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The new office render is a treasure trove of spoilers. I decided to nab the high-res one and search it. Here are the results:

[SPOILER]The presidential rug is still there.

The desk has several bumper stickers: "The Sun! This year's hottest summer vacation spot!", "The City Dump: It just might surprize you", "WARPTV", and "Bigfoot cafe: Booneville, U.S.A."

The Calendar has a picture of Hugh Bliss, and is marked as "Febulous." The date is listed somewhere between the 4th and 9th.

Several post-it notes: One of a stick figure being stabbed, a few with nonsense equations, a couple with tallies, scissor hands, a dainty flower, and some notes: "Remember what I forgot," "Brush, Floss, [?][?]tnse," and "Fig. Crime"

The VCR is from a company called "Cheapasonic"(This one was probably there before, but I just found it. :D)

Whack-A-Rat replaces a filing cabinet, and the Ted E. Bear head is over the desk.

A Hugh Bliss hula hoop from the moon is behind Whack-A-Rat

One of the cue-cards from episode 4 is on the bulletin board.

Jesse James' hand is still there.

The ant farm isn't there.

Popcorn is littered about.

A copy of Emetics is behind Max, possibly on a bookshelf.

There's some sort of statue of a frog band behind Max's head.[/SPOILER]
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