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Yay! I finished! That was exciting. Way awesome to have Sam and Max again. It was fun and the dialogue was witty as ever. I don't know if we're sposed to give suggestions, and I know that it's an episodic series so you can't put too much in any given episode, but I feel like it would be cool if there were more places to go. One fun thing about Sam and Max, the Monkey Islands, and whatnot was that you always had extraneous items. It's fun to get an item somewhere that you use in an entirely different place and it's nice knowing that you'll have to travel a bit to solve different puzzles. Also, when you have more items in your inventory, you have to work harder to think up more clever and interesting solutions; you can't simply use your item on all the things in the room (which was how I got Max's head connected to his body).

Anyway, I loved the game, and I'm sooo happy a new Sam and Max finally came out, and I'm definitely going to buy all the episodes. I hope you guys make tons of money and prosper and that I can come work for you when I graduate from college or at least stand outside your doors groveling in awe. I'm pumped for the next one! Just thought it'd be cool if there were more areas...

Yay! Sam and Max!!

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