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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 3 REVIEW Thread

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Post your impressions of the episode here!

SPOILERS are allowed, no spoiler tags necessary, so if you did not play the episode yet, keep out for your own sake! ;)

No spamming please - if you haven't played it yet, keep out!
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  • I'm loving the way that Telltale is really experimenting with the different choices you can make in the game. The end of Episode 2 with the car looting was an excellent moral question, and it was continued here. It's not just about who lives and dies. It's about whether you can give second chances. Whether you can just leave someone to the fate of the walkers and turn your back on them. whether you are in rage when the people you love die. whether you can give compassion to a friend even if it means danger. when clem was a "zombie", it really made me think of what i'd do if she died. choosing whether or not to confess my past to people is a great way to get you thinking about what you are like as a person. playing this game used to mean kissing everyone's ass in order to be on good terms with everyone but now i had to start taking sides for real. "puzzles" were better this time around but still were minimal. in terms of excitement, there were highs and lows. carley getting shot (at least in my save) was surprising but i was personally hoping for more of an arc with the bandits. i thought maybe that could develop into the overarching story. overall i'd rank the episodes like so: 2, 3, 1
  • i dont want to say much because im still in shocked after completeing the episode. there are lots of twists and turns. when they say Choices matter in Ep. 3, they mean CHOICE MATTERS!!
  • Wow, one of the most intense gaming experiences I've ever had. Really good stuff, fighting Kenny was awesome. The whole thing, I just felt in control for the most part, as far as choosing what I want to do. The only thing I can really complain about is the sniping, holy shit that was bad. It was fun, but the sensitivity seemed weird. Overall though, I enjoyed it more than episode 2, just my opinion.
  • That was an intense episode. I did end up having some glitchy experiences, but in the end it was worth it!

    Can't wait for more!
  • Great episode indeed, so many twist, i simply did not expect Lilly to shoot Carly or Kat shooting herself instead of killing duck. I guess when Telltale said that no one was they really meant it.

    Finding out that Clem's radio works and that she been in contact with someone was also a shock.

    All in all great great work but the problem now is that i want to play EP4 right now argh!
  • Zombie Clem was terrifying.
    And they killed off Carly/Doug, so that was more of an illusion of choice rather than actually meaning something :\
  • I am in COMPLETE shock after finishing the episode! Honestly, it was definitely the BEST episode. I enjoyed it, even though it was SHOCKINGLY disturbing. Lilly killed Carly, and got kicked out of the group (I wonder what happens if they keep her?) I knew Duck was going to die, but I had NO idea Katjaa would commit suicide! Episode 4 looks so interesting. I wonder who that man is. I am in SHOCK.
  • Still a little in shock at what happened to Carly, I knew it was in he future, but I didn't expect it to happen like that. Also, an amazing fist pump moment when Lilly spilled the beans and Kenny didn't care. (Thanks to me telling him and the others before hand.)

    I like Chuck. A little blunt, but nice enough, survival minded, and plays guitar.

    I actually managed to talk Kenny down. It was honestly one of the saddest moments I've seen in a video game. All my hate for the guy is gone. The fact that he still felt guilty about what happened at the Greene farm and that this was cosmic judgement really struck me as powerful.

    Katjaa...damn, just damn.

    I was really really afraid that Clementine might be the one who has to shoot Duck for a while. Damn it Telltale, I'm supposed to be giggling under my breath at getting the opportunity to shoot Duck, not actually feeling horrible for putting a bullet in the brain of a little boy.

    No real opinion on the two newcomers. Grabbed the wounded guy first, bum leg and he was helpfully amusing. Glad the woman made it, but I'm getting a 'Lilly-lite' feeling off of her. We'll have to see how they shape up in a few months.

    The cliffhanger caused my jaw to drop. Who is Orange Text?! He knows about Lee? Please please please answer these questions before Thanksgiving...if it's before Halloween I'll be even happier.

    There were a few glitches, I fell through the ground walking along the train to give Clem her lesson and haircut, but either going to the pause screen or quitting and restarting fixed them both.
  • So we can't prevent Carley's death ? At all ?
  • So we can't save carley, and the same thing happens to Doug? And Lilly leaves no matter what choice you pick? Katjaa and duck always die? Sounds a lot like illusion of choice to me. Still good though, just not as good.
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