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Walking Dead(PC) Black Screen

posted by mooneysuzuki on - last edited - Viewed by 353 users
Hey guys, sorry for another thread about this bug but I need some help. I have the game from steam on the PC. I was having the walkingdead.exe problem and i followed the guide on the forums and changed the compatibility to 98/ME. It deleted my saves, which wasn't a big deal, but when i played through the game again when i got to episode 2 i got the black screen with the axe. And now when i try to go back to episode 1 I get a black screen as well.

I followed all the instructions on the forums. I've moved the prefs.prop from the steam folder to the TTG folder and vice versa, I've started a new game and then but my previous saves from a renamed folder into the new save folder, all no to avail.

My video cards are up to date and my computer exceeds the recommended settings. I emailed TTG support on the 23rd but unfortunately I haven't gotten any response beyond the auto confirmation

I love the game and wanna be able to play episode 3 as soon as possible so any help would greatly be appreciated.
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  • I'm getting this too.

    I've attached an image


    Ok.... this was weird. So it turns out the game download off steam successfully but not completely. I verified the game files and apparently there were missing files. I have no idea why steam would tell me the game downloaded ok and we let me "play" it.
  • I got mine working today, unfortunately it requires deleting all your saves. What I did was I uninstalled the game (have it on steam and running it compatible with 98/ME) then after it was uninstalled I went to the TellTaleGames(where the saves are) folder in "my document" and deleted it. Then I went to the steam files [steam->steamapps->common] and deleted the walking dead folder. Reinstalled the game on steam and started a new game and I got all three episodes to work. There seems to be some sound hiccups in episode 1 but the other two seem pretty clear of them. Hope this helps anyone, but be aware you lose all your saves and need to start from episode 1 again
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