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Who 'owns' King's Quest?

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I stopped following it after the 7th one. (I never pay attention to credits):< Does TellTale own it now?
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  • Activision owns the rights.
  • Activision.. has the rights to almost all of the old Sierra adventure games... Codemasters currently have the rights to Leisure Suit Larry.

    Activision currently have a deal with TTG to make a new Kings Quest game

    While Codemasters and Replay games have made a deal to remake Larry 1.

    I understand that the Two Guys have tried with no success to come to an agreement to make a new Space Quest game but have not so far..

    Why Activision doesn't do anything with all those titles is beyond me... I'm glad they are letting TTG make a KQ game though.
  • Gold Rush is owned by its original developers, and is published under the Software Barn company.

    I'm not sure, Manhunter series may have been acquired by its programmers as well. I think they were talking about them in the last few years, about updating them, and making a new game as well. Manhunter 3: London, or some such...

    There are a handful of other games that Activision technically owns, but that the original developers or programmers have unofficially released on their websites. They can be downloaded for free, but may be technically pirating.
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