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Generate random story decisions for skipped episodes?

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How many PS3 players can not play Episode 3 without having to "generate random story decisions for skipped episodes", regardless of their progress?

I have completed through episode 2, although when I attempt to load episode 3, I get fronted with the message that I will loose my story decisions if I continue.

Just to be sure, I said NO and then "Resumed" my progress on episode 2. I started at the very end, and finish the game again. I even let the credits roll all the way until it kicked me back to the main screen. The status time and date on the save in question had not changed, and still carries the June date from when I originally completed that episode. To no surprise, I get the same message when trying to kick off episode 3.

I would just like Telltale to acknowledge this issue as I see others are having it to. Preferably give an update of when it will be resolved, or if there is a work around so I know if I will be playing this anytime in the near future, or if I should just move on to another game until it is fixed.


UPDATE: TellTale has contacted me already regarding this. Thank you TellTale!

UPDATE 2 - Work Around:

Ok, TellTale Inc. and I found a work around that I feel confident my decisions are carrying over with...

Problem: You get the message above stating that your decisions are about to be lost when playing episode 3 on PS3.

Symptom: Episode 1 does not have the " - Stats" option when looking at it, but episode 2 does.

Disclaimer: Make a copy of your game save first and perform these steps from it in case something goes bananas.

Work Around:

If you do this work around, note that the "rewind" button will vanish from episode 2 and im not sure if it will ever come back. May not be a big deal for some although I still recommend copying your main save to another profile and doing this from there in case something messes up.

Rewind episode 2 to the last chapter and beat it once again. This will update your game save with the current date and time. Ensure the stats button still exists on episode 2.

If episode 1 stats button is missing (which it was for me), then rewind episode 1 as well to the last chapter. It will tell you any progress made afterwards will be lost, say X - OK. (Make sure your doing this on the backed up copy). Now select the last chapter and beat it once more. Once doing so, you should now have the triangle - stats option showing up on both episodes 1 and 2 with the correct choices you made. The rewind button is probably missing from episode 2, although may return once beating episode 3, that is unknown at this time.

When starting episode 3 up, you should no longer be presented with the message stating that its about to make decisions for you based off earlier episodes. As long as your stats looked ok, it should use those going forward.
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