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Thanks Telltale, Job VERY well done!

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I played through the first episode of Sam and Max last night and I just wanted to give my thanks to telltale.

I'm going to be honest and say I never played the first games, never even was exposed to the comic or the characters before the announcement of this new game. It peaked my interest, not because it was Sam and Max, but because it was episodic gaming. Don't get me wrong after doing some research I found that Sam and Max was very much my style of humor, but being a true gamer at heart it was the new gaming format that got my attention (this is also the reason I am a gametap subscriber).

You have done introduced a new style of gaming that the gaming industry badly needs. One where casual gamers can enjoy games just as much, if not more than hardcore gamers. A format where stories and character development are the most important aspect. I can only hope we see more gaming sitcoms like Sam and Max.

So my hats off to you. Thank you for bringing something new into gaming. You guys are truely revolutionary.
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