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Who here let (SPOILER) back into the RV? (Episode 3 SPOILERS)

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During the scene where Lily kills Doug/Carley,who here decided to let her back in the RV and NOT leave her behind. I did, hopefully so I could some info out of her.
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  • I let her back in and she tells you come with her when she decides to escape
  • Should be a survey no?
  • I didn't. I'd been empathizing with her up to that point...I felt bad about the strain she was under, even though her hole-up-where-we-are plan was pretty terrible. But shooting Carley like that was just beyond the pale, especially when she just decided that she was guilty on the basis of no proof at all. Hit the road, Lilly, and don't let the walkers bite you in the ass on the way out.
  • Of course I left her. The pointlessness of her actions aside, she was the most unstable element in the party, perhaps more so then Kenny despite the later's actions in "Starved for Help." Also, for those who know Lily's future from the Kirkman series, well, let's just say leaving her was for the best, regardless of her being used as a narrative scapegoat to kill off Carly/Doug.
  • I had Doug and i let her back in because it was just to much going on. But later on Lilly tells you to leave everyone and go with her!!!!
  • Left her when it was Carly, took her when it was Doug.
  • I let her back on, just because I thought leaving her there was too good for her...what a mistake...wish I'd have left her ass now :\ lol. I was hoping I'd get to throw her to walkers and watch her die if I let her back on or something. Fuck Lilly...I hope we see her dead somewhere in a later episode now XD lol
  • I left her. Me and Carley had a thing going on at the start and she was one of my favourite characters. I did side with Kenny in Episode 2 but I sided with Lilly at the start of this episode and then she killed an innocent person. I was happy to throw her out, I really like how they included Lilly in this game though and her backstory and how it leads into the comics. It's pretty cool.
  • There was no way I was letting that lunatic back on the RV. I already had my hands full with the ass Kenny.
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