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Why Sara not voiced by Jorja Fox?

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Everyone else has their correct voice actor except Sara, who did for the previous games.. what is the reason for her absence? Too busy to record? Wants more money?
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  • Surely if she wanted more money she would record her lines? :confused:
  • We don't know why she didn't do it. The casting of the CSIs isn't up to us. It could be that it simply didn't fit into her schedule.

    Catherine's voice actor is not the one from the show, either.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    While Catherine is not voiced by the actress on the show (Marg Helgenberger); we did get her Official Voice Double who is used in the show! We figure if you can't tell the difference in the show, then she;ll do just fine in our game! :D
  • how would a voice double for the actors work in the show ??? and for what purpose i mean the actors arent replaced just voices do they do this all the time ??
  • When you do film, the audio from the recorded scene often doesn't turn out clean enough to use, due to background noise, equipment problems, and so forth. When that happens, the voice is generally re-dubbed in post-production. That's most likely where the voice doubles get used.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    It similar to Pick Up Shots. A lot of times in a movie or TV show, when you see a close up of a character holding something, like a business card, the shot is usually filmed much later and the hands in the shot usually don't belong to the actor. Many times lines are added for these shots as well, and it's cheaper and more practical for the studio to use stand in's for the hands and sound alikes for the voice. It's all part of the magic that is TV and Movie Entertainment!
  • Wow, thats bust my bubble...
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