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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • DreadMagus wrote: »

    I agree they should add on to the game to give us an option to bring Carley back. More than enough people are PO'ed about her death that it'd probably be a good thing.
  • Cyreen wrote: »
    Don't you start. Shall I put you out of your misery? Can I? Can I please?

    Sure, but don't shoot me in the cheek. I'll just survive.
  • Sure, but don't shoot me in the cheek. I'll just survive.

    Wanna do the walker thing? Short list anyone you want to chew on?
  • At the very minimum she was unconscious and bleeding (if she survived) and there were walkers on the road.

    She's dead, Jim. Dead, dead, dead, deadski. Gone. Afterlife Kids. Deceased.

    Edit: It just occurred to me that this revelation might be a bit cruel. So... Hold onto that hope, dude. You never know. Stranger things have happened in horror stories.

    Maybe she'll show up like Samuel L Jackson did at the end of the Long Kiss Goodnight....

    Carley (with Eye-patch and in a big ass car) "You can't keel me, motherfuckers!"
  • and also disarmed.: (
  • Head wounds bleed out a lot. Best case scenario, Carley bled to death on the side of the road, turned and is hunting Lilly down.
  • Cyreen wrote: »
    Head wounds bleed out a lot. Best case scenario, Carley bled to death on the side of the road, turned and is hunting Lilly down.

    yeah, i know this is fiction so anything could happen, but seriously she is dead, they would have helped her if they weren't 100% sure she was dead by just looking at her
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    Nah, dude, it's unconscious.

    If she had regained consciousness, she'd have been severely weakened.

    I suppose it is possible, but the odds are really really really not in her favor.

    The head has a LOT of blood flow to it, it's why head wounds are so bloody.

    Assuming she survived, regained consciousness "and" didn't get bitten or gnawed on.... She has no weapon, just the clothes on her back. No vehicle. No supplies. No way to effectively treat her wound. No map. No light. And no one to help her.

    That's a horrible position to be in.

    There are fates worse than death.

    even if she lived she could only live a few hours and all of that would be spent gargling blood and gasping for air.

    and even if it was the luckiest shot in the world and ricochet off her gold tooth she would still have a hole in her face and she would be alone unarmed and injured.

    but what the hell,
    Maybe Doug survived his attack at the pharmacy and transformed into Rambo Doug, he hones his skills of brutal zombie killing and field medicine for a few months until out of pure luck he finds Carley, she spits out her lucky gold tooth and says "Doug! I should have said this earlier, but i love you, will you be my Rambo Doug husband "
    Doug says "the first known case of a gold tooth is reported to be in 1593"
    "DOUG!!" Carley snaps
    "oh, yeah.. of course i will be your Rambo Doug husband" he smiles

    and they all lived happily killing zombies ever after
  • Why Carley, WHY? *snip*

    BTW, this just proves the developers lazyness and low effort / lack of developers.

    Why? Because they kill the two characters who we save , so they don´t have to do the script and all for both again for the next episode. Fuck your lazyness and lack of money / developers !

    You all are saying we are complaining about a good character like Carley die, but its not only that. Like I said, that implies that they don´t wanna put effort on our choices (two different characters by your choices means two different stories, they can´t do that ?!! fuck !) and story, which means less money for them to make the game, less work... Can´t you understand that?

    And, as you can see, none of your choices makes sense, because the end of the story and the story itself is ALWAYS the same, no matter what we do. That sucks, and we all know it :(

    I hope that they get a better team for season 2 so they can make a real game with real choices...
  • For the love of GOD.................this is walking much as it pains me Carly go....this is normal in this world...even more glad she didn't get chewed up in pieces or got bashed in her head repeatedly with a baseball bat wrapped in spikes or got raped by bandits and then got executed...
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