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Do you think Telltale has redeemed itself after Jurassic Park with The Walking Dead?

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users
I think they have. I got The Walking Dead episodes 1 & 2 on The Playstation Store and i love them. Telltale has finally got the right mix of QTE's,Adventure, A story that changes and puzzles. Now please keep Episode 3 spoilers out of here because Episode 3 has not come out on the UK Playstation Store yet and i really don't want Episode 3 spoiled for me.
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  • I've not played anything off TTG since Sam and Max The Devils playhouse. So there still good in my book.
  • You should try Walking Dead Coolsome. BTTF may only be an okay game and JP May be a movie instead of a game but Walking Dead is great.
  • This is implying that Jurassic Park was some sort of failure.

    Also, Walker Dead takes off his helmet and dies at the end of Episode 3
  • NOT COOL, RIBS. I don't care if you're joking or not, you don't say stuff like that.

    I haven't played The Walking Dead (mostly due to lack of interest), but pretty much anything Telltale does would be a step up from Jurassic Fart, so I'm going to go with 'yes' based on the fact Yahtzee doesn't hate it.
  • Darth Marsden;658303 said:
    ...based on the fact Yahtzee doesn't hate it.
    This belongs on the back of the box of any game Yahtzee doesn't destroy. :)

    Also, I *hate* horror games but love TWD. Go fig.
  • I haven't actually played any Telltale game past BttF. Because I'm broke.
  • i dont give a damn what you crazies say i enjoyed jurassic park mainly because its game style was more about qte's. walking dead is a wonderfully well done game though but its mainly about choices just diffrent style is all yeah twd has some qte's in it but nothin to crazy.
  • Goldrock;658381 said:
    i enjoyed jurassic park mainly because its game style was more about qte's
    ohhh. So that's who they asked.
  • I selected "No" because personally, while TWD has a great story, in no way is it a point-n'-click adventure game.

    Telltale has been on sort of a decline recently. I don't know if it's just me, but I even felt that something was a about TDP. Then BTTF, JP, and TWD happened(not saying anything about L&O as I haven't played it, but there's probably not much difference there), and none of them were actual adventure games.

    At least, if they get King's Quest done right, they can... Hey, wait a second, wasn't there supposed to be another TTG game released around this time? Fables, was it? There's literally only a month left until that misses its "Q3 2012" release date, and then we were supposed to get KQ in Q4.

    Also, this:
    Woodsyblue;645161 said:

    Things Telltale said they would do and haven't:
    Release Sam & Max season 1 and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures on Mac. [LINK]
    Update the Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal download to the version with Earl Boen as LeChuck. [LINK]
    Upgrade the forums.
    Upgrade PC version of The Devil's Playhouse to include NutriSpecs. [LINK]
    Release Puzzle Agent on WiiWare. [LINK]
    Release Hector and Puzzle Agent 2 on PSN. [LINK1] [LINK2]
    Release remaining The Devil's Playhouse episodes on iPad. [LINK]
    Create official walkthroughs for Episodes 2-5 of The Devil's Playhouse.
  • GaryCXJk;658374 said:
    I haven't actually played any Telltale game past BttF. Because I'm broke.
    Replace that with Jurassic Park, and I'm in the same boat. I've been watching a playthrough of The Walking Dead, and it looks pretty good.
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