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Spoiler question about the end ?!!!! Don't open unless you've played episode 3

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So at the end we hear a guy respond on Clem's walkie talkie saying he has Clem's parents and we see Clem's been talking to him for a while and Lee is after this "guy" who is not seen just the shape of him , was wondering , who do guys think it is ? he knew about Clem and Lee and everyone else, either his a creep or he know's them , maybe Lily informed someone ? but then she's not coming back for the next 2 episodes is she ?
you're thoughts?
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  • I just got the impression that was he was a stranger who learned about the group through conversing with Clementine. I doubt he has been watching them/had any prior knowledge of the group.
  • I don't know. I thought , at first, it might have been the Asian Pizza Delivery guy from the first episode. (Glenn, I think) But I kind of doubt it now. Things were being stolen from the motel though, so maybe it's someone that stole it. I can't remember when the second walkie talkie came up missing or "got broken".
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    Yeah i at first thought it could of been Glenn , but different voice and by the look of the characters hair,body no hat either, doesn't look like him ,
  • Clem lied the whole time at the group and specially Lee. The 2nd walkie-talkie had Glenn in the 1st episode and got it from Clem, so Glenn must have met the guy or atleast had a confrontation with his group about the guy (and perhaps his group).

    I do also think that we have to cut Omid's leg off because 1 achievement call something with "We have to cut it" or something along the lines.
  • Let's clear some stuff up!

    The creepy guy's walkie talkie (or ham radio or whatever other device) does NOT have to be the same walkie talkie that Glenn took with him in Ep. 1, it just has to be tuned to the same frequency as Clemmy-Clem's.

    I think that Clem was maybe playing with the frequency one night, thinking of her parents, when by coincidence she found this guy who was more or less doing the same thing.

    The creepy guy on the Clem's walkie does not need to have prior knowledge of Lee or Clem or anyone else in the group, he just needs Clem to divulge everything to him over the walkie.

    Obviously, for some nefarious purpose, the man over the walkie is taking advantage of Clem. She *probably* (naively) asked him about her parents as soon as she got someone to respond, so he could have potentially started lying to her fairly early on. Clem must've just *thought* that the walkie was broken in Ep. 1, and when she finally gets it to work at some unspecified future time, the man she reaches manipulates her into telling Lee and everyone else that the walkie is still broken.
  • But why is then Clem talking to a person she never had seen before about Lee, her parents and stuff (perhaps the group too). Clem had in the group Katjaa, Lee, Carley, Lilly to talk with when she had a problem. The other thing is, what a coincidence that she got someone on the walkie-talkie who is in Savannah, could be also someone from the bandits or whatever.
  • I don't know much about walkie-talkies but what kinda range would they have? And how far is Savanna from Macon?
  • I don't know who he is but I look forward to hunting him down in the next episode. The last thing the group needs in some crazy stalker looking to get his hands on Clem.
  • I think its very STRANGE that he just happens to be in Savannah... also we dont know anything regarding next episode...the guy running away near the end? could be kenny, omid or any single person in the group.
  • The guy on the walkie-talkie had also a accent and talked weird, that is for sure a pedophile. Lee, Kenny & Christa (don't count Chuck, Ben & Omid as helpful) have for sure their hands full with protecting Clementine... unless she does also say to Lee who this weird guy is (and you have to tell the others too about).

    EDIT: Here 2 screenshots about the person who will stalk the group because of Clementine.

    He does look like a old weird man.
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