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Xbox Version of Ep 3 Doesn't Recognize Past Saves

posted by Sweet_Zombie_Jenkins on - last edited - Viewed by 379 users
So I've seen the threads about this for PC, but not for the Xbox. I completed Episodes 1 and 2 of the Walking Dead previously, and just downloaded Episode 3. Whenever I launch the game and go to play episode three, it states something to the effect: "Do you want to randomize choices for episodes not completed?"

It is as if it does not recognize that I have completed the past games, and when I press b here, it goes to a page that displays no previously saved games. I contacted Xbox support and they suggested I re-download my profile, but I don't think that's the issue.

Also, I have downloaded the 2mb update and I do get the status "Checking Episode status" when I launch the game. Any suggestions? Zombie Jenkins was really lookin forward to playin this game while work is cancelled for the hurricane.:(
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  • Same problem here. Telltale needs to fix this again. Had similar problem when ep 2 came out. Some attempts don't even let me choose a storage device.
  • OK, so I got it to work for me. Here are the exact steps I took:

    1. Signed out of XBL.
    2. Recovered my profile.
    3. When to storage options. Found saved file.
    4. Copied it to cloud storage.
    5. Also disconnected alternate storage device.*external hard drive
    6. Launched game.
    7. Choose hard drive as storage device.
    8. My saved file WAS THERE so I selected it, and it loaded.

    Hope this works for the rest of ya. Zombie Jenkins got some zombie hunting to do. :D
  • Just followed your instructions and alas did not work for me. Have fun with the game you lucky man
  • ya mine had the same thing :(
  • Sorry to hear that didn't work for ya. I left the game and came back to it later. It didn't offer me the choice to select a storage device. I signed out without exiting the game, and signed back in. It then gave me the option to choose storage. I hope they release a patch to fix this ASAP.
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