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Previously on the Walking Dead EVERYBODY'S KILLING *snip*

posted by CapnJay on - last edited - Viewed by 436 users
I have one help kenny save and two help lily saves. i've just watched the previously on the walking dead and both times it shows lee pulling lily away as kenny smashes the head in. is this a glitch? how else am i supposed to tell which save i helped lily on and if it's importing right
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    You could check the stats of the save.

    Go to the episode choice screen in a given save slot, click "STATS" and your choices should be displayed.
  • thanks vain i think its an xbox import bug so i'm specifically replaying episode two specifically not killing larry or the brothers and not stealing to see if the import flags set right in episode three
  • ok after replaying it checking my stats and then starting episode 3 it imported correctly
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