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  • Why didn't you just return to the main menu and rewind?
  • Yeah, I had the under the world one too. Yeah, jang, going back to the main menu and rewinding does fix that but should he really have to do that? Should WE really have to do that? I also had two other glitches besides that one.

    When I went to go check the chalk scuff by the gate, I didn't see anything on the ground. So I just left and went to talk to Lilly. Then I tried to exit and the whole room kinda shifted and there was a big orange/ yellow wall right in front of Lee. Lee was just sitting in the chair, smiling and looking left and right. I tried all the buttons but couldn't do anything. So I backed out and rewound. I thought I had already told everyone I was a killer from this point so I just went ahead with the story, then Lilly brings it up and Kenny is surprised and is like "were you ever planning on telling me??" and I had to rewind again to re-do the telling everyone part so I was a major inconvenience.

    The other one I had was with the tanker truck. I went to go examine and pressed the button a few extra times while Lee was walking because it was a ways away. I do that all the time with these games. Except after Lee had examined it, I couldn't move. I could still move the aiming reticule but I couldn't move Lee himself anymore. I had to restart again.

    So yeah, I had to restart the game three times just because the words "testing" doesn't mean anything to Telltale.

    After the whole disaster with episode 2 where you couldn't play it and now this, I think I'm gonna change my opinion of you guys.

    Now it's going to be "Hmmm, a game made by telltale. Probably point and click, probably has a good story and is probably fun to play. But it's also probably got a lot of glitches, some probably game-breaking" I've seen some people say they're going to wait until all five episodes are released so they can play through all of them at once. I think I'm going to do a variation of that, I'm gonna wait a few days after an episode gets released so they can fix the glitches people report.
  • ^100% agreed. Similar bug on the PS3 yesterday, managed to fix it by rewinding to my second-to-last save and replaying the last 20 minutes or so before the bug popped up, but yes...I agree. We shouldn't really HAVE to do this. We're basically paying to be beta testers for a game...feels like Skyrim on the PS3 all over again.
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