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My endless problems with TWD

posted by LSFagundes on - last edited - Viewed by 150 users
The first time that I played this game it not worked. I have to run it in "compatibility mode" in Win7 64 bit.

Now, waiting for the chapter 3 (witch is not available on Steam at time that I'm writhing this) all my saves are gone.

How you guys from Telltale Games do such bugged work?

Now I want to know how can I take all my aldo file back again in the game. Every single save files are in the "My Documents" file.
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  • Exact same as above.

    We are not the only ones to be having this problem though. If you check the other threads there are loads of disgruntled players just trying to play the game they purchased, but being stopped by errors or missing content.

    I would really like to know a simplified solution on how to make the saved games reappear as that public user and document user made no sense when the saved games are still in my documents.

    I also still can't see the updates. When you tried to load the game by the way did you get the error 101.exe and when you changed the compatibility it became a windowed version? I made mine fullscreen again but I'm just asking.
  • Yes. Today the first time that I load the game I got this error. Then I load again by clicking in the .exe, not in the desktop shortcut, it opened in windowed version. Like in the first time that I changed the compatibility mode.

    But I understand this kind of error occurring in Win7 since it's a new OS and there is a few people using it. :P
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