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R.i.p. (spoilers!!!)

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RIP Carley, Katja & Duck.:(
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  • that was so sad, i was starting to like him, he was so funny at the beginning with his whole Robin thing going on... man i didn't think they'd have the balls to kill a kid in a video game... i'll be damned
  • rest in peace...




  • Dammit, I should have known Katjaa would do that.
  • At least Duck died thinking I (Lee) was 'incredibly awesome'.
  • Yeah that's the thing about this game.. They get you attached to the characters, and then they take them away just like that..

    Not saying it's good or bad.. just kinda wish it could have gone another way to make me feel better lol
  • I really liked Duck from day 1 and I'm both shocked and saddened by his death. I understand that in TWD NO ONE is safe but come on guys, you didn't have to kill Duck! :mad:
  • Where's that cake and grief counseling?
  • zillacakes;660672 said:
    At least Duck died thinking I (Lee) was 'incredibly awesome'.
    high five*
  • i was actually pretty shocked that telltale included the option to shoot duck in the face. pretty dark stuff. no game comes to mind where you could actually just kill a kid. i hated duck up until episode 3. i loved the robin thing. also, if you tell duck to not help, he's freakin' hilarious. "oooo, secrecy" i felt awful for carley though to be honest. especially after the peck on the cheek back at the motel. /ubersadface :(
  • I cannot Imagine what will happen In Episode 4 and 5.What will you do kill Clementine and Lee?If you kill Clementine Ill never forget that.
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