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Rumor: Crash Bandicoot may be in All stars

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I came across this last night. I do know that Crash Bandicoot is one of the most requested characters to show up in Playstation all stars....So could this be true? What do you think?
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  • Does this really need it's own thread? We already got a Playstation All Star's thread.

    Anyway i hope he's in and my ideas for his super are...
    Level 1: Aku Aku comes out and helps Crash
    Level 2:Coco comes in on her tiger and helps Crash
    Level 3:Cortex comes in and starts a fight with Crash like in twinsanity.
  • ...and HERE is said thread.

    I am entirely ambivalent as to whether Crash is in this or not.
  • I like Crash's first 3 games. The death animations are my fave parts of Crash Bandicoot.
  • I like Crash 1-3,Team & Team Tag Racing,Warth of Cortex was ok,Twinsanity was good as was Mind over Mutant,Crash of the Titans was ok. Nitro Kart was good. At least they are better then how Spyro's been doing. I liked Spyro 2 (Didn't play Spyro 1 or 3 i'm waiting for them to come over to the UK PSN) I did like Enter the Dragonfly but last time i played that was years ago so i might hate it now,I like Heroes Tail and it's the best after Spyro 2 (Again didn't play Spyro 1 or 3) Legend of Spyro a new beginning was good enough,Legend of Spyro Eternal Night was kinda bad because of how very long and boring the levels are. I got so bored i just gave up and stopped playing. I didn't play Dawn of the Dragon and I like Skylanders.
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