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Another person with vanished save files reporting in.

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So yeah, I start the game, experience zero problems with it, click play and then find out that my saves are missing, even though I can still find them in the my documents section. Can you fix this shit Telltale, because a lot of customers are experiencing this it seems.
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  • Seconded, I came back to the forums to report the same thing happening to me. I just spent 3 hours playing through Episode 2, and the only reason I didn't already have it finished from when it came out, is that back then I lost my save file too. Guess what happened this time? The save file is MIA again, after finishing the second episode.
  • Try this!

    Make a backup of your The Walking Dead folder in your My Documents first. Go to your my documents folder\telltale games\the walking dead, "right-click on prefs.prop, click "Properties," then click on the tab called "Previous Versions" and then pick a version of prefs.prop from before the Episode 3 update (at least several days ago, preferably up to two weeks ago)." I for example found one from July 1st, and that's what I chose. Restore it to that previous day. Then load up the game and your most recent save from when you finished Ep 2 should be there, along with your stats.

    This fix was found by user 'bazenji', and here is the post:
    It's the 11th post down. I can confirm this worked for me when nothing else did!
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