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3rd Strike Kenny (Spoilers a-hoy)

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This is a crappy situation. I'm done with Kenny. I saved his son at the farm and when I went to save Shawn he ran. Strike one. I decide to help Lily and not him, then when I get attacked by Danny he just watches from the stable and LILY saves my ass. Strike 2. Now at the beginning of Episode 3 I get trapped under a door and he does jack? Strike 3. No faith in this man. And with the events of episode 3 (if you are still reading this and haven't played by now please stop) I only have him, Ben (traitor), and three new people. One is a man who likes to drink and is older while another has injured his leg in record time. I didn't think it'd be a Lee and Clem against the world situation so soon but really, other than her, who can I trust? If a situation happens to lose Kenny or save him, I really don't know if I have it in me to save that guy.
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  • Don't forget though, Kenny saved you at the end of episode 1 when Larry left you to die.
  • Try a playthrough where you take Kenny's side - he doesn't choke when Lee's in danger nearly so much. There are times when the difference seems to make sense, as in Kenny might have doubts about risking his life for Lee when Lee's not got his back, but there are other times where it doesn't - like in Ep 2 where fighting Danny would help his family. It reads too me like the team have decided to tweak Kenny's character to push the player further down the pro or anti Kenny road once they've taken the first step.
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