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Leevil (Evil Lee)

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Do you have a Leevil? What are some of your thoughts on or actions with your Leevil?

I have a save slot dedicated to doing pretty much everything the opposite of my main save.

Besides being an asshole and insensitive sometimes, he really isn't even that bad.

One weird thing is I actually feel more secure playing with Leevil. It's like he's more in control and bad-ass enough to handle to terrible shit that happens.

Cross Leevil? Oh, your ass is gone. Don't want to listen Kenny? I'm beating you down. Ben, you did what? I should kill you!
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  • I don't like being mean, so Leevil idea's scare me.
  • Ya. I always play 2 savegames who do exactly the opposite.

    My first save is the "Good-Guy"-Lee with all the best moral choices I can make.
    The other is the bad guy, an complete ass.

    But tbh. Even after 3 episodes I see absolutely zero difference in the outcome between both of these saves, despite always choosing the exact opposite.You get a different sentence here and there but... It's kinda..... meh
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