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Thanks for making Savannah look more or less like Savannah

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I don't want to inadvertently spoil anything so I'll just say thanks for actually trying to make your game depiction of Savannah look more or less like the real Savannah. As a Savannah native I was REALLY disappointed with Valve's Left 4 Dead 2's depiction of Savannah.

I don't expect a 100% accuracy, but for anyone who has played Left 4 Dead 2 let me just tell you that we do not have a 4 story mall and nobody has ever called this city "The Vannah" ever, despite what all the signs and posters in the game want you to think.

So yea, thanks for giving effort Telltale.
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  • I noticed this as well. It bothers me when games or movies have a real-life setting that looks nothing like what it is in real life... of course, it costs money to go out and do all the proper mapping. It's grunt work.
  • Hobblinharry,

    I also live in Savannah and was pleased to see the city looked right from downtown, even including the Talmadge! (although based on the direction the train is approaching from wouldn't we be coming from South Carolina? Lol)

    I'm not sure how many of Telltale's folks have been to Savannah but I know at least one lived in Savannah. One of people in the credits (a cinematic artist and walker voice), Jolie Menzel, went to SCAD here in Savannah and graduated sometime last year. After I played the game and read the credits and saw her name I was really surprised to see someone I knew of. We weren't friends but had a mutual friend.

    This is her company profile:
  • It's gotta be a little weird seeing your hometown overrun by zombies on screen.

  • It does?

    Cool beans. I like attention to detail.
  • I guess there's no hope of meeting Coach and the others? Damn, could've used some good walker shields.
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