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Spoilers (my thoughts on ep3). "BIG 10" LIST

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Episode 3 Big Ten List

1) This is my favorite episode so far. A lot of people are saying it's too sad, or shocking. That's beautiful. As my mentor Mr Rohn once said;

I'm good to take to a movie. I get into a good movie. Take me high, take me low, just don't leave me, the way I was before.

2) Ben would have totally got thrown off the train if I encountered this situation. Fool me once, shame on you. ;) Fool me twice, err, and you won't fool me again (paraphrased from George W. Bush).

3) I can't wait for episode 4. Why god WHY must it take so long? :)

4) Uhhh, I was SHOCKED when my lady Carley got shot. Lilly wtf man! You went full retard. WHY LILLY WHY?????? LILLY WTF!!! BAD GIRL.

5) This is a survival game. Typically I wouldn't throw the ladies out of the party, but Lilly really messed up. Sorry Lilly, you gotta go.

6) Sup with the creepy goon dude stalking Clem? I'm disappointed that Clem has been keeping secrets from me. What has Clem told this freak about ME?!?!!? CLEM WTF!

7) I finally began to respect Duck, "Thinks you are totally awesome". Lol. HI-5 BUDDY! Duck's the man! Sorry things didn't work out. (Yes, I took the honors of taking him out of his own misery). :( PS: At first, I thought Duck was guilty of something. But evidently he was just trying to help out. Pity

8) After my experience with new humans in this game, I wouldn't trust Christina and Amid (or whatever their names are) as far as I could throw them, ESPECIALLY since how they initially reacted. (Secret handshake conversations).

9) Kenny is my homey for life (I think)

10) At first I hated that alcoholic bum, (chuck?), but after he gave advice to toughen up Clem, I think he's more worthy than initially envisioned.
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