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TTG: A request for a proper sendoff

posted by StreetsAhead24 on - Viewed by 204 users
I am aware that on occasion some members from the TTG team actually go on the forums and read the threads and so I hope you read this one and consider it.

First off I would like to say thanks for the hard work you put in making this game and for providing an emotional and gripping storyline.

While episode 3 was fun and definitely an emotional rollercoaster I feel that the death of Carley/Doug was swept under the rug and didn't seem to have much impact. There are only a few moments where you see Lee genuinely sad at the loss.

There was more closure with the deaths of Katjaa and Duck and certainly felt more meaningful.

I understand that Carley/Doug dying was supposed to instill shock and that no one was safe but considering that these characters were the ones Lee trusted the most aside from Clem, I feel that their death should have more meaning in episode 4. I believe I speak for most fans who liked Carley and Doug.

I'm not asking for much but perhaps a few lines where Lee reflects on the murder with a sense of despair or sadness. It might even be cool for Ben to approach Lee and ask if he blames Ben for Carley/Doug's death or that he is sorry and notes that Lee was close to Carley/Doug. Maybe even a scene where Lee angrily lashes out at Ben while Kenny tries to stop you.

There were several instances where references from the 2nd episode where made in the third one so i could see it happening in the next installment. Like when Lily says she'll forgive Kenny even though he murdered her dad.

Well TTG if you're reading this I hope you consider these suggestions from a regular fan and consumer :)
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