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Do your choices only effect the ending?

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Hey there.

I was just thinking about, do your choices really matter?

I havent played through the game a second time, but at the drug store you can save carley or the other guy.

I choice carley, but in ep3 she pass by.

So do your choices only effect the ending?

Any choise you make will only say "you sided with" or "he/she will remeber that"
but in the end (of the ep, not the ending) it changes nothing.

At the farm you have to leave anyway.

Carley pass by anyway.

Lilly is left behind anyway and so on.

So do your choices only matter at the end?

Im a little frustrated, i first thought your choices matter at the moment but it seams to be you cant affect the storyline only the ending :(
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  • She stays in the RV until you get the pencil. Then she steals the RV.

    What a cow! Im suddenly no longer feeling guilty about leaving her ass to be chomped on the side of the road.
  • What a cow! Im suddenly no longer feeling guilty about leaving her ass to be chomped on the side of the road.

    Yeah, she even offers for you to go with her, but then takes off on her own when you go to get Clem.
  • What ever happened in your play through happened in every ones play through. Dialogue differences and Sprite skin differences aside. Spoiler for the 3 endings
    1) Lee dies Clems Parent(s) live feel warm and squishy and eaten.
    2) Lee lives Clems parents die feel guilty, but hey you survived.
    3) Just Lee lives 5% choose this their first play through just cause.
    4) You can read a statistic on what everyone else chose!

    Tell Tale you have great writing, try to make the choices matter... At least kill them differently no interest in replaying game to have none of my decisions matter. Never liked Doug never did a play through with him but I hoped that he lived so Carly dying mattered. FYI it didn't he died in the same bs way she does (apparently). I cared about Carly dying when it happened not when I left the game because Carly didn't die a Sprite died.

    I love how broke leg Omid (apparently) makes it onto the train weather you help him or not. 0o0o0o0 another dialog sentence "CORE CONTENT"...."Look I know you helped Omid and I appreciate that but..." "CORE CONTENT"

    P.S. Knew Carley was dead the second the romance started literally when she touched Lee's face. All though before I talked to her up on the "romantic Balcony" I thought she was the traitor because she was all high on oxy cotton. Lol did anyone else notice the dreamy look on her face?

    P.P.S. Have yet to buy the game and currently have no intention to. To answer other peoples posts about how I couldnt know about good or bad the game is I know about a bay... I pay for good games Plz make me change my mind tell Tale.
  • The only choice that meaningfully changed the gameplay thus far has been the decision to save either Doug or Carley. No one remembers to whom I've given food. No suggestions I've made about what we do next has been taken into account. No one cares whom I've killed or let live. Setting the third episode on a train must've been intentionally metaphorical, because I'm being railroaded.
  • But doug and carley barley appear in ep 2 and die ealy in ep3 so the choicee was rubbish anyway.
  • I feel guilty about it now though.

    See, I would argue that this kind of thing is the point. I get that people are annoyed that we can't influence the central storyline, but this is more of a role-playing exercise: it's less about your ability to alter events than it is about how you choose to respond to them. Which I find frankly fascinating.
  • Ja1862 wrote: »
    But doug and carley barley appear in ep 2 and die ealy in ep3 so the choicee was rubbish anyway.
    Yeah, it was based more around the farm, I guess they couldn't squeeze them in there.
  • Gvazdas wrote: »
    Yeah, only now do you notice all the choices you make are short-termed, 'fake' choices.

    You mean like real life and how it doesn't always cater to the whims of the individual? Yes, and I like it. I pick up the pieces and forge ahead with what I have.
  • What happens if you dont choose to leave Lily behind, do the others vote her out?

    You tie her up in the RV and then she escapes and leaves with the RV while everyone is trying to fix the train. Going on the theme of "fake" choices, I think she offers to take Lee with her but regardless of which you choose, she leaves with the RV and you end up staying with Kenny and the train.
  • The choices and dialogue options do create a unique experience for your play thru. People wanna cry that their choices don't drastically alter the game.
    Do u have any idea the how Unrealistic it is to expect them to create completely different story and gameplay branches thru 5 episodes??

    Your story is the things u say and do along the way!!! It's not the destination it's the journey! If you didn't go back and replay every single section and ruin "your" story you would have a better experience.

    Thank u tell tale for an amazing experience.
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