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Connection lost

posted by Phalexanie on - last edited - Viewed by 683 users
I am in the U.S. and bought The Walking Dead and at same time all the episode's. Finally part 2 has come out and once I hit "GET" it will start a download start running then I get the message.

Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have working internet connection and re-attempt the download.

I have Iphone4 and my Internet is high speed and working. I even got to 99.9% download 3 or 4x before getting this error message again.

I waited to long and already pre-paid for this game and ATM very un happy with this problem. Please fix this or refund my money.:mad:
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  • I'm having the same problem... :(
  • Ok after posting this yesterday, I did more reserch and found a thread under the App section for Iphone Walking Dead game.

    I followed what he said and after about 3 trys I finally got it to install "YAY"

    What I did was go into the download and began the download, meanwhile once the download started I would hit the home button and play a fast game on a diffrent app then I would switch back over to the Walking dead app and check on the download. I would sit on this screen for a few moments then hit home button and played the other game again. I did this back and forth for about 10mins. and finally 100% installed

    Hope this helps.
    btw it did take me a few trys but in the end was worth it:):):)
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