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[Spoiler] The way that episode 3 should have ended.

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*Scene where the trailer stops and the group gets out to confront Ben, halfway through the argument..*

Ben: *soils his pants* I swear! I'm not a traitor! What do I have to do to prove it you!

*Kenny shouts from under the trailer as he's pulling out the walker* "Don't worry guys, almost done pulling this zombie out and my family and I can get on the road!"

Doug: I know I'm not useful, but can I help you or something?

Lee: Look Lilly, Ben's broken! He didn't do it!

Lilly: My father just died AND we lost the motel! I am completely snapping right now and must take out my rage on someone!

Ben: Please guys, I didn't do it! I'm so scared!

Doug: I know I'm not helping, but we really shouldn't be arguing about this!

Ben: Honestly guys, it wasn't-

Lee + Lilly: SHUT UP BEN!

Lilly: Kenny! You're the only one who hasn't said anything, what do you think we should do?

Kenny: Whatever's best for my family I guess.

Lilly: Forget about your family for ONE SECOND, do you or do you not think Ben did it?

Kenny: Well, he's not threatening my family or anything so he's ok in my-

*Lilly pulls out her gun*

Lee: Lilly, stop!

*Lilly aims at Ben*

Doug: I'M HELPING! *he jumps in front of Lilly and takes the shot for Ben.*

*Everyone gasps and Lilly starts to slowly back away before letting the gun fall to the ground*


Lilly: I...


Ben: AAGH!! *Ben soils his pants again as tears fall from his face*

*Lilly slumps down onto the ground and begins to sob*

Lee: NO! I REFUSE to stay here! Come on Clem!

Clementine: But... why?

Lee: These guys are idiots! I'm tired of dealing with this!

Kenny: But Lee, you have to help me and my family get to the coast!

*Lee ignores Kenny and starts walking away.*

*Kenny calls after Lee* Come on man, I'll abandon you when you get trapped by walkers again, despite what you've done for me and my family! It can be just like old times! Come back Lee!

*Lee sighs*

Clementine: Uh... Lee?

Lee: Yeah?

Clementine: How are we going to get to Savanna?

Lee: We're walking.
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  • That last Clemmy line should be: "Uh... Lee? I have to go to the bathroom." xD That's more classic. :P
  • Poor Lee has to dealing with white people drama.... again.
  • Hahahaha, that was awesome. I was laughing so loud when I read
    Doug: I'M HELPING! *he jumps in front of Lilly and takes the shot for Ben.*
    What was even funnier to me is that I can easily substitute Doug with Carley and it will still ring true :D
  • Warfolomei;663758 said:
    Poor Lee has to dealing with white people drama.... again.
    That explains Christa. She's literally, "We travel in groups of 2. Not 6. Not 8. Because there's no way I'm dealing with white people drama in the zombie apocalypse."

    Although Lee slowly, almost imperceptibly raising his hand when Christa makes that civil war comment was my favorite moment in that act.
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