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Your opinion of Kenny after Episode 3? [Spoilers]

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Title says it all, what do you guys think?

After starting the chapter off being an inch away from a fist-fight at any given moment, I found myself feeling strangely close to Kenny by the end of Episode 3.

Back in Episode 1 we were best bros forever, bro. He totally lost me in Episode 2; the meat locker, chickening out of the fight with Danny, he and Katjaa constantly whining at me for the one time I didn't side with them back on Hershell's farm. Gah! It was over, and I found myself 100% in Camp Lilly going into Episode 3.

However, now it seems like all the horrific shit we've been through has bonded us once more. Losing Carley, Lilly, Katjaa and Duck, all in one day. It's a motherfucker. I talked Kenny into stopping the train and took it upon myself to put Duck out of his misery. It's hard to watch a guy lose his entire family in the space of a few hours and not feel deeply compassionate.

I just wonder how it's going to play out in Episode 4. Will Kenny become my greatest ally so far? Or is he just a ticking time-bomb?
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  • Have sticked with Kenny right from the start, and will continue to do (hopefully). Great guy that just lost his family...
  • Kinda felt he was a d**k when he left me to free myself at the pharmacy.
  • validated my beliefs that he was a self douche from the start. i don't know if it's possible but i really wish i could have called him out on his hypocrisy. kill all immediate threats when it's not your family - play it soft and loose when it is your family.
  • It's game over for Kenny. His whole 'anything for my family' mantra is shot so I think he'll be dead weight/ dangerous to the group for the rest of the game. And now we have 3 new wild cards....should be interesting
  • I agree. Kenny was my closest buddy in Episode 1 and by the end of Episode 2 I felt as though I could never forgive him. Then suddenly he loses everything he was fighting to keep alive. It's bizarre. I've not got a clue what the man'll do next.

    Maybe he'll die or commit suicide? I hope not because he's the only character besides Lee and Clementine left that was in episode 1. It would be kind of annoying if all the "originals" die out.
  • Yeah like most I think I sided on Kenny on most things. Even the meat locker incident, because it was the logical choice. But after Duck got bit. I was like damn man. Wake up. You gotta deal with this son!....

    But yeah I felt a little distance after that tension mounted. Which ended with me picking the fist fight option on the train. He went a little crazy and kind fucked up our dynamic but he's still the only real ally my save's Lee (side's Clem, but she is an 8 year old girl after all) has at this point. Even if he's all mopey now..
  • He was there from the beginning, regardless of what he's done since then. After going through hell with my Lee, we're pretty much best friends. Felt like he was a dick at the start of EP3, and even though I disagreed with him about the car last episode and the girl at the start of 3, he still saved me in the pharmacy. I'll be sticking by him through the next two episodes.
  • If Kenny dies I figure it would either be in a sacrifice for the group or just giving up, giving up on running away from the walkers or similiar. He does not have anything left to live for anymore other than himself and he doesn't seem to value his life very highly at the end of episode 3. I still have hopes for him to survive but the only one remaining on the list of must lives are Clem.

    No one I'd kill at the moment with Lilly and Larry gone. Ben can have one second chance.
  • I'm loyal to Kenny, I've sided with him most of the times except for saving Duck at Hershel's farm. Now that he's lost everything I'm sympathetic to so I'm gonna keep trying to be his ally with just about everyone else gone. Though, I really hope that if the writers do try to kill Ben/Kenny then they make it a choice between Kenny and Ben, seeing the different responses will be great.
  • I think eventually. It's going to boil down to that. Ben was responsible for the raid. A raid which got Duck bit. Which directly destroyed his entire family.

    I think Kenny is somehow going to find out about that. And we'll have to make a decision.
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