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[SPOILERS ABOUT EPISODE 3] What Were Your Thoughts After?

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So I know This Episode Was ALOT More Depressing Then The Other 2 But Post Your Thoughts Of What You Liked/Hated Etc.
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  • My thoughts: ,,Carley, Carley, Carley, whyyyyyy?!!!"
  • I thought it was the best episode yet. So intense. Frome the RV shootout with the bandits to the bullet I put in Duck's head. It was one shocking moment after another. Great writing. Loved it.
  • In a nutshell:

    Liked: How intimate (Not in a weird way) Lee's and Clemmy's relationship was becoming.
    Hated: The radio scene at the end that's trying to make me distrust Clemmy.

    Liked: I got to shoot that annoying, little Duck (I'm surprised there were no "Duck Hunt" references linked to that. Oh wait....).
    Hated: How they made Duck a more likeable character in this episode, making me not want to shoot him as I wanted to during the last two episodes.

    Liked: Chuck.
    Hated: Omid and Christa.

    Liked: Lily.
    Hated: How they made her act and how they released her character from the story.

    Liked: The leaking tanker truck.
    Hated: There was no explosion. :/

    Liked: Disappearing, random objects.
    Hated: Disappearing, random objects. :D

    Liked: How TWD handles it's stories, and game play.
    Hated (And still do): How short the episodes are (Not complaining, though).

    That about sums it up. :P
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