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MAC Plus Walking dead loading

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Hi All,

When i open my walking dead App (which worked well just last week) it says connecting and then looks to have connected however i stay on the WALKING DEAD splash screen and i have no options ,all i have is my pointer arrow and scrolling text at the top informing me Episode 3 is out.

Is this a known issue,Any fixes??
i tried to download the game again and installed but same result

Help i need to play episode 3

NB for whatever reason the game wont load and went i quit i browser is open with multiple tabs all pointing to the Back to the future 2 and walking dead iOS games ???
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  • Same issue as above plus some. I also have the EXACT SAME download problems with episode 3. It goes incredibly fast up until 20%, then gets slower and slower.

    I already bought this game, and will likely not buy another telltale game series because the support is not there. I love the style of the games, but if i cannot play them and it eats bandwidth trying to download....
  • I just found the solution today, thanks to another thread. Just open it how you've been doing, then walk away and read 2 or 3 issues of TWD. It takes about 10-15 minutes to load up, so it misleads you to think it's not working. Enjoy!
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