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Question about Kenny's future ?

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We all know that Kenny is in a bad way mentally because of what has happened to his family , and it has been confirmed he will be episodes 4 and 5 so what do you think will happen to Kenny in the last 2 episodes ? do you think he'll survive the whole series or do you think he might do something stupid because his mind isn't right and get caught by a walker or maybe like people are saying he could "sacrifice" himself ?
Also would you be surprised if they had the choice where you have to pick between Kenny or Ben ? who would you choose ?
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  • I think somehow. Somwhere down the road. There is going to be some sort of ultimatum or resolution involving Kenny and Ben. I think somehow he's going to find out and you must choose between two tough choices involving aforementioned conflict.
  • after what happened in 3rd episode, i think many people would sacrifice Ben and pick Kenny.
  • Yeah but it might not be a direct as a pick who you like better scenario.
    TTG wouldn't let us off that easy if the scenario went down like that.
  • Its confirmed he'll be in episode 5? Where? Cuz I would think telltale would want to keep a lid on who survives any episode. Thought the only safe bets are Lee and Clem making it atleast until the last episode of the season.
  • Isn't Kenny to see in that select screen where you choose between the episodes ??
  • I think Kenny needs to find a new reason to live or not and that just may mean that he'll finally be a decent human being and fight for the someone other than himself. Is he going to live? Probably not, but maybe he can find personal redemption.
  • FoxxyFox;663583 said:
    Isn't Kenny to see in that select screen where you choose between the episodes ??
    Hes in the one for 4 but only Clem is seen in 5. Besides, those are subject to change throughout development as we've seen with the "next time" trailers.
  • I hope Kenny dies and Ben gets his shit right.I like Ben and I forgive him.
  • We all know how much TTG loves their foreshadowing. I think the very first big choice of Episode 3 could be foreshadowing Kenny's death. After everything that's happened to him I can see him sacrificing himself to buy the rest of the group time to escape etc. Think that would be a pretty fitting end for his character.

    Oh, and first chance I get I'm killing Ben/kicking him out of the group. He's a complete Ahole for what he did and I wish we could have left him behind in ep3.
  • Was there any subtle differences in the e4 preview...that might help. In mine, Kenny seems to want Lee to choose between going to get a boat or heading into town. Then, Lee tells Clem he promised to go look for her parents (which he did) but thinks it's too dangerous and would like to do something different.

    Maybe that's when we lose Kenny. Any chapter where we decide yea or nea on the boat option. I think Kenny dies in e4.
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