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The Walking Dead: Endgame stats not working

posted by occono on - last edited - Viewed by 368 users
All I get is 50% on everything, with the decisions called "Decision # Choice #" or something like that, instead of being named properly. It;s the same if I click "stats" from the main menu too. My savegames seem fine though, and it's odd the decisions wouldn't have names it a server error or local error? Anyone else have this problem?
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  • Same here lol.

    Game's buggy as hell. Not the actual game, but loading/saving/rewinding has proven to be very unreliable on Windows 7 / Steam.

    I'm not hating, it's a great game, but the stability value (and continuity from a functionality standpoint) is relatively lacking.
  • Got this too. But the percentages were a bit more varied than 50%. Meaning it's keeping track, it's just not telling me on what.
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