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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • I just sat there for a few seconds and closed my eyes... then fired.
  • None. The one and only death that caused any kind of an emotion in me so far was Carley in EP3, and that emotion was blind rage, which probably doesn't count.
  • I actually laughed when Doug died, Lilly had such a "whoopsie" face on her I couldn't help, but do so. Same with Carly and said "Yeah, get some brain cells next life please :p"

    Duck/Katjaa was more emotional.

    Walking Dead has a weird thing for me that I can predict who will die(normally) from nothing, but not how. I knew Katjaa would die, I did not at all think it would be suicide because her own son is about to die. That was a great move, and really moving scene.
  • Kat and Duck was by far the most tragic, but Carley's was beyond shocking and had the greatest impact. Her character was one of the most endearing and you can sense the potential that had been lost more than anything.
  • I didn't really think anything when Carley died.
  • When Carly died I shouted at my monitor. It was depressing.
  • Masta23 wrote: »
    When Carly died I shouted at my monitor. It was depressing.

    When she died, I immediately said "No way!" and restarted the scene thinking there would be an alternative way. If anything, it serves to highlight the limitations of this type of video game.
  • ALL of the deaths in Episode 3 are very emotional. But seeing your one true friend (Carley) killed without any reason is just too painful. She saved Lee's ass many many times, and I can't believe TTG didn't make the option to stop Lily. You all know that Lee is right beside Lilly and how the hell did Lee didn't notice when Lilly is about to reach for her gun. It's bullshit seeing her die without a proper burial or something.
  • Duck death gave me alot of tears. i didnt care to much for Carley.
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