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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • As soon as Carley started tearing Lilly a new one, I knew this was going to get really horrible really fast. I even saw her reach for the gun. But still, completely earthshaking since half an hour earlier I decided there was no way I was losing Carley, my second favorite character, no matter what. And then WHAM.

    But my third favorite character, Kaatja, she broke my heart so deep because I had to watch her suffer and die in slow motion carrying the burdens of her son and her husband's despair.

    I've always kind of liked her, but she proved to be such a total badass at the beginning of Episode 2, especially if you try to feed her while she's busy saving lives. That scene in the hallway where she's held hostage in Episode 2 I realized how much I desperately wanted to keep her alive and how willing I was to kill to save her.

    She's the person I told my secret to other than Clementine...I even asked her to step aside and away from Kenny so I could tell her in private. And then she was so sweet and forgiving and supportive.

    All of that just exploded on me when I realized she was gone and she wouldn't even let me fight to protect her.
  • Murasaki;663822 said:
    When she died, I immediately said "No way!" and restarted the scene thinking there would be an alternative way. If anything, it serves to highlight the limitations of this type of video game.
    Well I didn't shout from the top of the voice, but said "Nooooo" rather loudly. I immediately paused the game, to take it all in. I couldn't believe it. Then I thought "screw Lilly" even though I helped save her dad and trusted her enough to tell her my secret. So I left her at the side of the road and that was that.
  • They all got me emotional, but in different ways, anger in some, sadness in others.
    However Duck is currently freshest in my mind.
  • Carley, Duck, and Kat's deaths were all emotional to me.
    Especially Carley and Duck's.
    I put down Duck, BTW. Kat's last words to me were how much her family appreciated me taking on the task, and not allowing her or Kenny to do it.

    Then she killed herself, which made Duck's death even that much more emotional.
    I sat there for what felt like a minute, before I shot him.
  • I was only genuinely sad about Doug.

    Kat I wasn't sad. Duck I wasn't sad, and I was not feeling any pity for Kenny. I still dislike him and don't trust him ( which I why I chose to say we are leaving ). Everything was happening so fast, there was no time to feel sorry about any of them.
  • Larry, Kenny was a total dick in that situation.

    I was happy to shoot Duck, little brat. Wish it had the crosshairs like the sniper section at the motel, so you could 'miss' his head a few times and have some target practice on his various limbs. Would be funny to hear Kenny 'god damn it can't you shoot for anything? Give me that gun!!' and you'd be like, no, sorry it's mine.. just having some fun. Or something. Haha.
  • I literally had to pause my game when Carley went down and just took a few breathes. Like wow, that was a Walking Dead moment, Lol.

    Also, that woman at the beginning of this episode. That one made me cringe because I left her to die and all of those screams. They really make sure you feel for her while you go after those cans.
  • Kat and Duck's deaths got to me, especially when seeing the boy suffering and his mother probably feeling helpless to stop it. In the end, it's sad that they we didn't get the option to put their bodies closer together, albeit being able to give them a burial.
  • I'd say that Carley had made me the most emotional.

    But, the part in the game that made me feel the most emotional was beating the crap out of the one St.John brother. I was just going to town on him, and I would've continued, until it gave me the option to walk away. Walking away felt many times more cruel, so I left him bloodied and broken for the walkers to finish. That was for sure the most that the game made me feel.

    With Carley, I again did feel very emotional, and it even had a similar result. If the choices were to kill Lily or leave her like I did, I would have still left her. T'is a much crueler fate in such a place.
  • Ducks i just didn't thought he had to go so soon lol. Im sure ill miss him in ep 4

    Katjaa she just took the easy way out i was like wow bloody mess, but ohh RIP Katjaa 2012 and thats it.
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