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[TWD] Files got screwed

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Okay, I'm another person reporting in for screwed up saves. Completed ep 2, cant go to ep 3, rewind says I stopped at chapter two of ep 2 but continuing from last autosave puts me at last chapter. I try to rewind to chapter 2 of ep 2 I get black screen with fire axe etc rewind to last chapter of ep1 then began ep 2 same thing happens. Basically I've had nearly every problem posted under the sun. Then I say F*&k it and delete my saves. So i play ep 3 with random choices and hope it's close enough. I play ep 3 with carly not doug and who knows whether or not i killed the St. Johns? At least I didnt kill Larry.

Message to TTG, I'm going to suggest a fix to this problem, Add a checklist. Instead of randomizing choices give us a list so we can check off the choices we made so we can move on from where we left off after you corrupt all of our files every time a new episode is released.
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  • I just finished episode 2 (again, and wow that scene with the stairs and the handgun is so broken it killed me six times).

    So I try to start episode 3, and it says 'coming soon' instead of play (which it had been saying before I finished the episode). I click on that anyway, vainly, and it brings up the episode list, which also shows episode 2 as 'coming soon'.

    I restart the game, and now my save is back to the end of episode 1.

    What I did with the last three hours of my life has just been wiped out.
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