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Telltale, TWD... I want a refund OR SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO FIX YOUR GAME

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I'm not someone who usually does this. Usually when I buy a defective product, I just write it off as money down the drain... but this is a fundamentally defective product that has affected far too many of your customers.

I love The Walking Dead: The Game. Great story and I can't wait to see how it ends.

But... your save file system is broken and absolutely needs to be fixed.

Here's how it started for me:

When Episode 1 came out, I bought the full season. I played through Episode 1 once, then a few days later decided to try again, only change up a few of the decisions I had made, in your game about making important decisions that have consequences.

The rewind feature did not work, so I backed out to the main menu and reloaded the save. It started me off again at the Motel at the end of the Episode. So i tried again, this time my save file was no where to be found, and never came back no matter how many times I restarted.

So, whatever. I played through. I saved Duck, sided with Kenny, rescued Clementine (both times), chose to save Carly, and did not let the girl in the motel kill herself.

The "Next Time..." cut scene reflected all of my decisions.

Cue Episode 2. Cue me getting home from work and skipping my shower and dinner because I was so excited to see what happens next.

Carly is no where to be found. Doug is in her place. Kenny seems to think I didn't save Duck. Clementine doesn't remember that I saved her.

What? What is going on?

So I tried to rewind Episode 1 and play through the end and immediately start Episode 2 - no different. Same exact results.

So, I erased the save file completely, started Episode 1 from the beginning, played through, sat through the credits, started Episode 2, and guess what? Still the same result. The decisions the game made for me were slightly different, but Carly was still gone and Kenny still didn't trust me.

"Alright Telltale, when you release Episode 3, you'll have a fix for this. I have faith in you." i thought.

Start up Episode 3... It was a lot closer to my Episode 2 save than Ep2 was to Ep1, but still, some of my big decisions were forgotten about. Lilly loved me and Kenny loathed me - the opposite of how I'd played it.

Alright. Let's try this one more time, Telltale.

I erased all save files. I had Steam delete local content. I reinstalled TWD, and started Episode 1 fresh from the beginning, with no possible way it could get confused on what decisions i had made.

I finished Episode 1, sat through the credits and let the game take me back to the main menu all on it's own.

Then, I tried to start up Episode 2 immediately after, thinking yes, it will DEFINITELY work this time.

Hah. I was wrong. Attempting to start Episode 2 brings up the screen "Are you sure you want to rewind to this checkpoint?"

WHAT CHECKPOINT? I'm starting fresh in a new Episode!

So I click yes. Black screen, mouse pointer, nothing happens. Wait... nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 5 minutes later (I left the room and came back) and still, nothing.

So I close the game and reload. This time I choose the "No" option. Same result - black screen, mouse pointer, nothing else, ever.

Episode 3 asks me if I want the game to randomly generate decisions.

Is that how I'm to play your game about decisions and their consequences? By letting the game choose for me? Should i just continually start over until the randomly chosen paths line up with what I'd have done?

No. You should issue a fix for your game. You should COMMUNICATE with your customers on what is going on. If you need time to fix it, I'll wait patiently. If there is no fix, ok, that sucks but I'll accept it and continue to enjoy a slightly different variation on events when each new episode comes out.

But to leave us out to dry?

That makes me angry.

Telltale, please tell me how I can fix YOUR game so I can play it the way it was advertised that i could play it. either that, or remove my license to play your game, and refund my money so I can buy Dawnguard for Skyrim.
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  • Mine does the same go to play Episode 2 and I get Are you sure you want to rewind to this checkpoint?

    I've sent telltale an email and expect a reply by Wednesday at the latest!!

    They really need to release a patch or an update for the PC version, I've never played a game in my life with so many problems it really is a joke!!
  • Telltale, any help? I can't even play the game I paid for at all anymore. Even attempting to start a new save in ANY episode, it simply says "Do you want to rewind...?" and no matter which option i choose, the game never starts.
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