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Can't Play New Episodes

posted by LiamTehBoss on - last edited - Viewed by 272 users
Hello, so I played through episode 1 on release. This worked fine. When episode 2 came out, I did the same. I carried on with my save-game and played through. But now that episode 3 is out, it does not let me play it with my save-game. I did a rewind on episode 2, played through it all again (Which I did very much enjoy), watched the credits in hope to play Episode 3. Nope. Credits finish, and I am taken back to the menu. Now when I click to play, episode 1 has a "Play" button, where as episodes 2 + 3 have a "Coming soon" button.
Can't seem to fix this at all. Really want to play ep. 3 :(
Anbody have any advice?
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  • The same thing is happening to me at the minute! WTF is going on?! I've been looking for something wrong with the PS3 itself or maybe did I misinterperate the release date for the game but nothing! I really need help with this!?
  • I start with one of my 2 savegames , the loading screen appears and the game stops working. If I open my task manager , the games getting closed with an no back report failure. If I restart the game all my savegames disaper. I play everything again and after I want launch ep. 3 again same thing happens.

    Then I try to play with random choises, and it crushs again. I reinstalled the game but it does not help.

    What can I do?

    I´m playing on steam / PC
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