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I have not received S&M S1 DVD and my CC was charged...

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I ordered Sam & Max Season 1 DVD back in May '07 and at the time of purchase my Credit Card was charged for the games, at the time I was informed that the disc would ship when it was complete. Recently, at the end of July, I believe the 25th; my CC was charged for shipping. 12 days later and I still have not received the disc. I am in Canada, and as far as I know Telltale is in the US so it should only take 5 to 7 days at the most to get to my location from the time of shipping. Is there ways confirm that my order has shipped and if it has not, why was my CC charged the shipping? As well, is it possible to acquire a tracking number?

I respect and love Telltale, I grew up with the LucasArts games that these people created, and therefore I have confidence that there is a logical explanation to my dilemma.

Please let me know what the next step is and what information you need from me to help find a solution to my problem. Also, is there an email that we can use, I was not able to find one on the web page, as I am sure that you will need my personal details?


Dan Porter
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  • Your order shipped on the 19th. You should have received a confirmation by email at the time, but maybe it went into your spam folder? There are unfortunately no tracking numbers on international packages.

    The post office quotes us 10-14 days for international shipping, but in some cases it takes longer and I have no idea why. I can go to the post office and mail something and it takes a week, but the same package takes a month going from our warehouse. I have really struggled with them to try to get shipping times improved. But the bottom line is that this has been an ongoing issue with shipping from our warehouse and I'm pretty sure the disc is just taking its sweet time getting to you. (We've had a lot of emails from international customers in the past few days asking where their discs are, many in Canada.)

    If you have not received the disc by the end of August, let us know and I'll send out a replacement asap.
  • I believe I did get an email about the shipping but I just wanted to confirm from your end.

    Thank you for you quick response, and I’ll post here as soon I get the disc, and if I don't have it buy the end of August I will let you know. Is there an email address that I can use just in case I don’t get the DVD by the end of the month?

    Thanks again!

  • Yep, you can write to [email][/email]. It'll probably be me who gets your email but writing in makes it easier for me to keep track of this kind of issue. Sometimes things get buried on the forum.
  • Great, thanks for all you help thus far!

    Yes, I can definitely see how things could get buried on the forum. But forums are fun! At least Telltale's is =)
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