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Wierd "WalkingDead101.exe" and Compability problem. (Game forces Carley on you)

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I have windows 7 (64-bit) and play the walking dead on steam. WalkingDead101.exe had an error and just stopped working. So i did all in my power to get the game to work again through the help i got from this forum. But....
First i played the game in windows 98/ME compatibility mode and set as "administrator ", but i noticed that the game lagged sometimes for some reason, and it worked perfect before that "WalkingDead101.exe" problem. I have a PC that can take the highest settings without lagging problems.

So i tried to play the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode and set as "administrator". The game worked much better with no lagging problems, but the game can't find the savefiles from when i played in windows 98/ME compatibility mode.
So i had to start a new game, and then...the weirdest thing happened to me. After i replayed episode 1 and after the credits screen, the game puts you back to start menu where you must click the big button "click to continue" so that you can enter the main menu screen. Well when i clicked on "click to continue" and then the game (usually says automatically "connecting" for like 2-4 seconds and then you enter the main menu).
But in this case the game went instead in a loop in that "connecting" mode, it did not freeze the animation was working, but it didn't go to main menu, i waited for like 1 hour and it was still "connecting" (not even "esc" button works here). So i had to exit the game with "ctrl", "alt" and "delete" buttons. Started the game again and the sickest thing happened:

(SPOILER WARNING): Regarding choices of the end of Episode 1

I started the game again it worked normal. Clicked on my savefile which guided me to the beginning of episode 2. Second episode starts and you will see a movie of what happened in episode 1, you hear the voice " previously on the walking dead". So in episode 1 i saved Doug. But the movie in episode 2 showed that i saved Carley instead.

And i was like "WTF"?!?!?!?

So i rewinded the episode 1 and played from the point you reach the motel at night where Glenn takes off for Atlanta city, Doug was still there alive.
The statistics and credit screen went on shortly after that, and the game went in to that lopping "connecting" mode again. So i did the same as above and played again, but the game changed the storyline in chapter 2, the movie in chapter 2 showed that i saved Carley again, and when you play in Chapter 2 Carley was there instead if Doug.

So i can't play the game as i want it with my choices, instead i get totally different choices generated by the game instead, even that i choose Doug every time, Carley is back in chapter 2 . Has anybody else experienced this weird problem? Why can't i keep Doug? Why is the game forcing me on that fucking reporter?

So now i can't continue the game (in windows 7 compability) because i want to have Doug in my group, but i can't keep him. The game won't allow me. And i have paid for a seaon pass, i have episode 3 installed. Episode 3 works when i start it, but i don't want to continue without Doug.

Luckily i saved the save-files folder from 98/Me compability mode, and when i replaced those save-files the story continues as it should. But i have to accept the lagg that comes with it for some reason.
So if you are gonna play on any compability mode the safest one is 98/ME, DO NOT PLAY IN WINDOWS 7 MODE if you want to save Doug. The game won't simply allow you that.

This is a serious problem that needs a patch asap, and this patch should fix the problem so that the game can read the save-files from any compability mode.
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