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Episode three problem for PS3

posted by StephenP on - last edited - Viewed by 243 users
So here's the thing, I bought the season pass and so far I haven't had any problems with downloading the game so far except for episode three.

I'm a PS3 user and usually I just download the episode from the Playstation store and continue on playing but the Episode hasn't appeared whatsoever on the store yet and the episode list in the actual game says it is ''Coming soon'' despite the banner at the top of the screen telling me to go and download the episode from the Playstation store.

I am right in saying that the game has been released for PSN? Aren't I?

If it makes any difference, I live in the UK but I'm pretty sure that Playstation store is region free...

Can anyone say they've had the same experience? Can anyone remedy this problem?
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