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Another TWD Episode 3 Mac issue

posted by Jettyboy on - last edited - Viewed by 311 users
Running OSX 10.7.4 with Steam client fully updated. Episodes 1 and 2 worked fine, as soon as I downloaded episode 3 I can no longer access the game. All I get is a black screen and my computer becomes unresponsive.

At this point I have already tried deleting and re-downloading, waited with the screen black for over an hour, have verified the integrity of the game cache multiple times, and have tried deleting my save files to no avail. Any help TTG?
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  • Bugs. Leave it to let it download the silent update TTG did not warn anyone about and after 20 mins or longer, dependant on your internet connection, it'll eventually start.

    Be warned, if you quit and restart, it make take a similar amount of time to relaunch it, because it might download it all again. I hope your broadband is unlimited. :/
  • ugh I let it sit on the blank screen for over an hour, I'm up in Alaska. My internet is slow but not that slow, I'll let it update over night I suppose. If that doesn't work than I'll go ahead and say fuck TTG
  • would love an official response instead of other users soliciting me to download files from their drop box accts....
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