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Just curious. *EPISODE 3 SPOILER*

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From the stats, a lot more people chose to help Christa first. I don't get why you would do that, because he's injured and she's fine. Ladies first syndrome? =P
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  • TellTale's not very good at going neutral xD
  • I just kept mashing the A button haha. I didn't mean to grab Omid first
  • Honestly? I saw the picture for Episode 4 with Kenny, Lee, and Christa standing in a sewer or something looking up, so I saved her. Yes, that is literally the extent of my reasoning.
  • I took one look at Christa as was like 'wtf didnt you ditch us in the RV a ways back?'
    I grabbed Omid but they would let me close the door on Christa, and to her credit she's got some stamina - it seemed I was staring at her for a good quarter of a mile before she helped herself onto the car
  • Wow, looks like Telltale seriously screwed that decision over, seeing as most who choose christa wasn't out of a whole-minded decision. sounds like Omid would've got way more saves if it was a more clear choice.
  • same as many others, Christa appeared first, Omid zoomed past the door as if he was perfectly fine. If it was clearer that he was seriously injured and didn't simply twist an ankle and if they'd both been on-screen I might have grabbed Omid. But seriously, grab whomever is first up.

    I suppose that was just a fake-out, to appear to mirror a Carley/Doug situation when it wasn't exactly like that.
  • I saved Christa. By this point in the series, I expect anyone who is injured to become a liability and die, so saving Omid makes no sense.

    I feel bad that Omid and Christa helped the group. They were surviving fine on their own and should have stuck to the "us 2 only" philosophy that had kept them alive. Now one, if not both, are going to die.

    I felt like a jerk dangling Omid over the edge to cut through the tanker. I wanted to tell him thanks for everything but he should move on, because the train wasn't his problem and it was endangering his survival.
  • To me, Omid was the first on the screen. I think I was have been following the screen with the mouse, so when it all happened I probably went to the right immediately. And yeah, that moment didn't actually feel like a choice, I just picked Omid first because that's where the mouse was, I didn't even think before clicking, which is why I yelled at him first, before choosing the option to help him up :D
  • helped omid first cause he was injured, even though he yelled at me for not helping christa.
  • dubesor;665505 said:
    The only reason I chose Christa because somehow I couldn't see Omid.
    He ran off quickly to the right side of the screen to the point where I could only see Christa.

    That is without a doubt the reason most people choose Christa.
    That is not true, woman in most choices have been favored ferociously, the only one they weren't was the part of episode 2 where you distribute food.
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