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Best ep. so far?

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I'd say 2 > 3 > 1, imo. Though they're all great, and 2 + 3 are pretty darn close for me.
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  • For me it's 2>3=1

    2 had the most dilemmas and reasons for multiple playthroughs for me.

    1 only really had Doug/Carley, and 3... I'm still not entirely sure but it was the easiest for me to handle, no real second guessing and I hadn't died once. Maybe I've gotten to know the characters enough to know where my allegiances lie by this point. It was still a great episode, just not really... challenging?
  • I love the point in episode 2, where Lee bursts into the dining room and shouts "It's People!" I really enjoyed episode 3 a lot, but the whole demented family, cannibals story line was just awesome.
  • Definitely the second episode. The third episode seemed too short and sad for me.
  • Episode 3 for me mainly because it was the first time a game really got to me emotionally.
  • 3=2>1 for me. 1 was good, and while I figured out that they were cannibals halfway through 2, the choice in the meat locker and the brawl qith Andy in the rain were so epic. The first time I felt actually bad in the game. 3 showed just how bad things had gotten, with us seeing Macon for the first time since 1. My only gripe about 3 was that they should have put whoever you DIDN'T save from 1 in the pharmacy as a walker. My favorite part of 3 was when my hope died, right after Carley did.
  • 1, 3, 2

    I am kinda weird in that the first part of the ZA is what appeals to me the most. I like watching the outbreak or whatever and how it impacts people. The early days are just my favorites. In this series that is still true. I think the combination of the systematic societal breakdown in conjunction with introducing the main characters who are just average people thrust into insanity is awesome to witness.

    I didn't care much for the cannibalism theme of the second epi which is why I rated it last. I thought it would be much later realistically that people would turn to eating humans...not just within a couple of weeks or months of the catastrophe. Unless of course they had been eating people all along.

    The 3rd epi still didn't outrank the 1st to me, but it was compelling and somewhat engaging.
  • I had an honest but negative remark that I removed because I'm usually better than that.
  • I found the COP-conversation right at the beginning of EP1 very cool. Wished there was more like that. Thats why I think EP1 was very good. The opening couldn't have been any better.
  • 3>2>1

    Better and Better :D

    Not say Number 1 is bad, they were all really good.
  • 3>1>2

    I found episode three to be quite the shock. The deaths were sudden, especially since it were characters that I thought would NEVER die and in such a way. (Except for Carly/Doug).

    I'm sure a lot of people would say that the choices we make don't matter but I'd like to think otherwise. We were able to save Duck/Carly/Doug in episode one, and the fact that they died later, makes sense to me. I mean, how boring would it be if we had the opportunity to save EVERY..single...character we liked?
    Where would the drama come from, other then the bandit threat and the zombies? People DIE, and even more likely in a zombie apocalypse. I'm sad, but happy the characters died the way they did. It left me shocked, a bit depressed, and curious about how things can possibly get any worse. I can't say I don't wish that Carly/Duck/whatever Kenny's wife would have stayed at LEAST until episode four but eh.

    Episode one was good because well, it was the first episode. It introduced us to a lot of interesting characters and I can't really say much else.

    Episode two was kind of predictable. If you're open minded and like to think ahead, I think the family being cannibals and the fact that the last time Mark was seen was when the mother of the Saint Johns went to go "tend to" him, a.k.a chop him up. I mean, multiple "visitors" and luggage hidden in the barn, they were giving food to the bandits so how did they manage to have enough food with only one cow? simple. However...despite being easy to figure out (at least for me) It was very...action packed and suspenseful to say the least. [:

    i'm very happy TWD was confirmed for a season two :D
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