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Best ep. so far?

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I'd say 2 > 3 > 1, imo. Though they're all great, and 2 + 3 are pretty darn close for me.
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  • I felt they were all equally good, they all showed a different variety of emotions. Well done.

  • Itd be 2, 1, 3 for me. I think the first two episodes were pretty much perfect and while I still think three was good, it was certainly lacking by comparison.
  • I think 3 is better than 1, which is better than 2.

    3- Most emotionally rewarding of the 3 episodes so far.
    1- Great introduction, superb zombie kills and moral decision making.
    2- not enough zombies. Still well made, though.
  • 1, 3, 2

    While Episode 1 was the gentle introduction, it did everything perfectly, setting up the characters, giving ethical choices, giving everything a realistic feel.

    Episode 2 had potentially good setups that were mostly shown to be utterly pointless (Food, Jolene, car) and wrapped them around a B-Movie Nonsense storyline. Without the meatlocker scene, that episode is largely worthless.

    Episode 3 is a bloodbath, too much to be quite honest because it ripped away everyone you care about apart from Clem and replaced them with "who cares" characters. It was at least well written, effective and shockingly grounded.

    My concern going forward now is Episode 4 is returning to an Ep 2 style. The trailer makes it look like a Haunted Mansion/Experimental Lab crapfest with ninjas, obvious bad guys, horrible "key moment" quoting and a bloody ninja to top it off. Can't say I'm suprised it was written by the guy behind the God awful Book of Eli.
  • I haven't played episode 2 and 3 yet but I found episode 1 alright. Episode 2 and 3 I have downloaded but haven't played yet.

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  • So far episode 3>2>1... :P ;)
    Although,Im sure ep 4 will be the best. :)
  • Well i'm actually on 1>2>3

    Carley was the person i liked most.. She always had my back, And just the fact that all the emotions between Lee and Carley were useless, really pisses me off!

    And don't say. Carley were useless compared to Kenny and/or Lilly.

    Who saved duck from getting bittin in episode 1?
    Who saved Lee and Clem from the Walker in the drugstore.
    Who actually cares about Lee no matter what?

    That's Carley.

    Kenny and Lilly doesn't give a shit about Lee if you turn you back against them ONCE! Carley does.
  • I had more jaw-dropping OMG moments in three, but I really liked two as well. I want to say I like them all equally. xD
  • Jessabeth;689928 said:
    I had more jaw-dropping OMG moments in three, but I really liked two as well. I want to say I like them all equally. xD
    Yeah. Can't we just say this?
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