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My two cents on Episode 3.

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I had always imagined this would be the fall of the game. The game is advertised to be one the most immersible, interactive games ever. And when the setting of said game is in the award winning universe of the Walking Dead? How can you say no.

Of the bat, whoever decided the 5 episode partial release system is a genius. Instead of one solid release that thousand of people would more than likely glance over, and ignore it. Instead, every release will draw in more customers, and drive home the money.

Episode one was the foundation and captivated me personally, it put me in control, and I got to decide who lived or died, and what my story was(essentially). And instantly I was immersed in a new environment.

Episode 2 stole the show. Other than a few exceptions, all my decisions from episode one carried over and had an effect of "My Lee". And by that time I had replayed episode one to perfect My Lee and begin my mold of him. I(like many others) chose Good Guy Lee. The Father figure, the honest convict trying to get a fresh start. Even at times, when I felt empowered to tell off another character, I kept my cool, because that's not what My Lee would have done.

Now for Episode 3. This is where I was anxious that it would fall lackluster to the first 2 installments. Now, you have 2 sets of decisions, and 2 sets of relationships with co-characters. I'm not even going to rewrite the term "Co-characters". That's just an example of how immersed I was, for 10 bucks, it was a goldmine. Lily treated you the same, and made the same choices, regardless of what you had done. And no matter how you treated Kenny, you were more than welcome to come along. As a matter a fact, you have to. And if you were split between being Pro-Lily and Kenny, you had to take his BS. And I understand. For 5 dollars, I don't expect several branching storylines and environments(However, for the record, I would be willing to pay more for some). But in a game like this, the storyline is the staple. Just as where a shooter's staple is the shooting. Right before you start any new episode, you are promised that the game is tailored to way you play.

However, it wasn't all bad. The shooting sequence towards the beginning wasn't bad at all, it was almost pleasant, and a nice change of pace. And after figuring out survives it all in the end, makes me want to have another playthrough. But like I said, it's just my two cents.

Conclusion: The Walking Dead saga hold a very promising attempt at a game, and still features plenty of potential. Compared to it's first two installments, it was found that though it didn't live up to it's prequels, it was far from a bland bridge to future episodes.

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