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[SPOILERS]Ben's character and deeds

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Either you saved Carley or Doug. These great characters shall be avenged. Yeah, Lilly killed them, BUT Ben was giving the extra stuff to the bandits, wich caused the whole thing.

These were great characters, ones who shouldn't be forgotten. Ben, a stupid little teenager who is more scared of everything then a 12 year old.

Please, by joining this thread, you 100% guarantee that you WILL kill Ben, at the first time you get.
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  • carley.
  • I was nice to him, but really don't give a shit if he dies?
  • He will die anyways next episode.
  • FoxxyFox;658021 said:
    He will die anyways next episode.
    For some reason. Cretins like Ben always seem to survive.
  • Well perhaps a damn hot blonde zombie or "Jenny Pitcher" will seduce him and then... bite ;) He is a student and I don't know... in the typical american horror movies they die in a kinda odd situation ;)

    Anyways Ben did bring absolutley nothing to the table so if he goes away I wouldn't care. lol :D
  • You know, every time I feel like I want to kill a character off, by the time their tickets do come up, I feel really bad for them. xD

    Larry- Hated the guy throughout episode one. Still didn't care too much for him by episode two, but when it came to an attempt in saving his life or simply killing him, I can't help but try to save him. And when his mouth began to move, and suddenly a salt lick drops down, I was surprised at how much I didn't want him to die.

    Duck- Annoying as hell through the first two episodes, but this episode they made him kind of cute. His whole Dick Grayson/ Robin spiel was adorable, not to mention that if you high five him, Duck totally thinks you are awesome. xD

    Now I really don't like Ben since he caused Carley or Doug's death depending on who was alive, but I can understand why he did what he did. He thought the bandits had his friend (never said the kid was smart), and he just wanted to help. He got in over his head and now it has caught up with him.

    I get the feeling that Telltale likes to make us hate people and then feel incredibly bad for doing so. xD
    Like Kenny. Guy, I really started to dislike him. xD And by the end of this episode, I felt really bad for him.
  • Save Carley/Doug.....KILL BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • 100 percent in favor off killing ben for stealing the group suppliys
  • So it's been confirmed that Ben did betray the group ?
  • j.em26;658254 said:
    So it's been confirmed that Ben did betray the group ?
    Yes, he was the one who was leaving supplies for the bandits.

    He thought they were holding one of his friends captive.
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