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Sam and Max DVD fails to install/play

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So, I was calmly walking down the street when a mysterious man ran past me and hands me a package unnoticed while being chased by what appeared to be people in rabbit costumes. I opened it up and, lo' and behold, it was a Sam & Max DVD!

I hand it to my specialized tech engineers to deploy onto our workspace but, alas, they inform me that their mission was not successful. Before running off to buy Telltale merchandise as if under the effect of some hyponitizing spell, they handed me this report, which I was tasked to deliver to you:

Status: Failed

The software provided to us failed to meet our demands. Upon initialization of the installer utility, we were provided with a Welcome screen. We calmly pressed Next but could not foresee what happened next. The utility started to spread onto our system, taking over the CPU core and halting the entire unit until it did its bidding. After seconds of worry and concern while our workspace was left inoperable by the software, it glew a bright white, until it eventually fizzled in a flash of light, leaving only the message "Installer for Sam and Max - Season One has stopped working" on the screen. A similar issue occurs when attempting to play the embebbed DVD video content.

No such issues have ever been experienced with the online version of the same software and we are left befuddled at what could've happened.

The following attachment is provided to assist Computer Science III experts into tracking down the problem."
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If you can't play the games or the video, you might have a bad disc. Emily or some other smart person will probably be able to properly assist you. I leave you only with unhelpful speculation. If it does turn out to be a bad disc, though, we'll swap it for you!

    Also, did you email this problem in to [email][/email] as well as making this post? It's easier to track issues like this if you write into support, since they get put into a database there, instead of just floating aimlessly across the support forums until someone happens to notice them.
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