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[TWD] Games Choices dont carry over (Episode 1 spoilers)

posted by TiptopShadow on - last edited - Viewed by 181 users
When the game first launched i bought it and played the first two episodes as they came out, so today i opened the game up to play episode 3, but all my saves were gone and i couldnt recover them like some others with the same problem have done; oh well right. So i replayed episode one up until the end to then continues on to the second, then hopefully the third. When i load my save then select episode 2 it starts but certain choices off the start of E2 are different then what i made most notably that i let Doug die and save Carley. When it starts episode 2 Doug is alive even though i let him die. I used the rewind feature a few times to take me back to the decision and redo it, but to no avail it does the same thing. I really dont want to continue playing through with the choices i didnt make because after all thats what this game is about; the choices.

Any help would be appreciated.
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