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Anyone else think Kenny...(SPOILERS)

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Shot Katjaa himself? I played the game a couple days ago, so correct me if I'm wrong about any of the following. But wasn't Lee going to follow Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck into the forest after awhile to off Duck? When the trio walked away, Katjaa was in front holding Duck with Kenny behind. I don't think it's incomprehensible to think Kenny blasted her from behind, to spare her from the agony of what was to come. We all know Kenny is spineless as well, so maybe his plan was to off them both first, them himself, but he wimped out right after shooting his wife.

Also, did we ever see Katjaa with a gun? I don't think she ever had one in any of the episodes. So if she didn't have one, she had to have got the gun from Kenny. How could she get the gun from Kenny when he was behind her? As well, there was no mention of a struggle or anything. What makes me question Kenny even more is when Lee first shows up and makes a statement, Kenny goes "I....I....".

Anyone else think Kenny killed his wife?
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  • It's plausible.

    Yeah, Cyreen is right but that's not the only possibility.

    Take Omid and jumping off the bridge. You can push him, convince him, or he can push you.

    Who's to say Kenny couldn't kill Katjaa? When I played, I thought it was weird he couldn't stop her. Not so much now, but at the time it seemed off.

    I don't think that's the case, but one could imagine.
  • No he doesn't you can choose so that katjaa goes alone and then she also shoots herself.
  • He didn't shoot her. He can hardly shoot Duck. If he had been able to shoot her, he'd have shot Duck too.
  • A good theory. Too bad they didn't do It like that, It'd make the game more mysterious.
  • Well I don't know what happens if you tell kenny/katja to kill duck and I don't wanna know until I try it on different saves but as for deciding to kill him yourself I see it this way:

    They did want to say their goodbye's right ? Well maybe when katja and kenny were in the forest, katja told kenny that she needed a moment alone with duck, or maybe she told kenny that she'll do it. As soon as kenny gives her the gun, she shoots herself

    What do you think ?
  • If you say that you'll be the one to shoot him, Katjaa will take Duck into the forest and Kenny will stay with you.

    The suicide will still happen, the gunshot rings out and Lee and Kenny run into the woods to find Katjaa.
  • i think the worst thing would be if katjaa accidentally shot herself, being stressed out and nervous about the situation and that she didn't like guns, she may have just ignored any weapon handling tips thinking/hoping she wouldn't have to use a gun
  • If you say "Oh my god(i think)", he says 'Why, Kat(among other words?" and in episode 5 outright says that she took herself out. If he was with her he obviously would have known what went down as well.

    Would have been interesting, though. I think it would have conflicted with his character, since he's a family man and his top priority is keeping them safe.
  • Why would I shoot my wife? :I
  • KennyTWD wrote: »
    Why would I shoot my wife? :I

    I'm sick of this roleplay stuff.
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